Moorish Conquest Of Spain

Moorish Conquest Of Spain

Tariq Ibn Ziyad was an ex-slave, black moor from Morocco who commanded a Moorish army of 7,000 men in an invasion across the straits Of Gibraltar into Spain in 711 A.D. After they arrived on the coast of Spain, Tariq had all his boats set to the torch so his men had only one option victory or death. They meet the 100,000 man army of the Visigoth king Roderic at the battle of Gaudaele where Roderic was killed and most of his forces retreated., over the next few years the Moors consolidated their grip on Spain. Successive Moorish invaders from various African countries ruled Spain for 800 years.
( The Latin word Maurus, comes from the Greek word Mauron, which mean black.)



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